The Sound of Goodbye

It’s that time again.  Madison Woods “Friday Fictioneers” Photo-Prompt Flash Fiction.  I hope you enjoy my latest attempt!

copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

I heard her footsteps, still.  The clear, sharp crack of her expensive Domani heels placed with deliberate, angry precision on each hardwood step.  Chunk-POW. Chunk-POW.  All the way down.

Emotions spun and swirled within me, one part longing to chase her, to beg forgiveness; another part hating the thought of enduring that well-rehearsed drama again.

I finally stuck my head over the railing and called out to her.  “Jenna! WAIT!”

She turned, looking back up at me with a strange combination of hope and disgust.

“Here, you forgot this!” I called, as her wedding ring fell.  This time, she didn’t try and catch it.

By Steve Berven